Stop The Spread of Covid-19 And Stay Health

The latest operation hours announcement for the national crisis disaster and response centre (Cprc) starting 24 April 2020 which will be operating from 8 AM TO 5 pm daily. The line of whatsapp has been added to four lines at the moment. For Any enquiries regarding #covid19malaysia, you can directly connect with the national crisis disaster […]

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Bid to help grown-up orphans adapt to life outside homes

KUALA LUMPUR: Disadvantaged from birth by growing up without familial support, or­­phans who age out of homes face more difficulties in trying to start their adult life. The Women, Family and Community Deve­­lopment Ministry is trying to address this with a pilot project for a so-called “transit home” for orphans who have to leave welfare […]

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About Us

Our Vision Caring and Living’s vision statement is “to create a centralized platform that collect each of the non-profit community center in Malaysia. For example : old folk’s home, children home, pet adoption and etc. Other than that, we will try to seek out any opportunity and work together with any sponsorship to provide aid […]

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