12-13 December Charity Project

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Caring & Living received donations from public and on 12th – 13th December 2020, the donations had been given in charity to 4 different needy entities.

These entities are facing difficulties in financial burden and even worse during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We truly appreciate to those donators who willing to give a helping hand to reduce their burden.

Project 1 Donation Items
Figure 1
Project 1 Donation Items_2
Figure 2

First of all, from the information given by the person in charge of the orphanage, we noticed that the children always face shortage in food and daily necessities. Hence, we prepared some dry food and daily needs and pass to them. (Figure 1)

Beside that, we need special thanks to LOLOL Food Delivery to sponsor a great lunch box (Figure 2) for the children during the visitation.

Project 1 Donation Items _3
Figure 3

Before we leave, one of our volunteers decided to replace a new washing machine (Figure 3) for them as their existing washing machine cannot be fully-functioned.🙏🙏

Bed Frame
Figure 4
Figure 5

We visited 缘爱残障老人协会 in our 2nd destination. We had also prepared some daily needs for the elders during visitation. Prior to our visitation, we were informed that the condition of the bed frames of the elders are klunky or half destroyed. So we intended to replace new bed frames for them.(Figure 4)

Somehow, due to the limitation of our donations fund, there are still pending 5 bed frames required to be replaced. We hope to receive for donations from public in future. If you are willing to give a helping hand to them, please contact them!

Mr Lim: +6013-686 6685

Figure 6
Dog Food
Figure 7

Next, we visited Karen & Connie Animal Shelter. From the conversation between the persons in charge of the animal shelter (Ms Karen & Ms Connie) and us, we know that this is a private animal shelter and both of them have to take care more than 60 stray dogs and cats in total. In addition, both of them have to bear most of the operation expenses and minority from donations of public. 

They are trying to seek more dog food sponsorship from public to prevent these stray dogs and cats get into hungry. We donated 10 bags of dog food before we leave. (Figure 7)

Ms. Karen+60 19-600 1229

Figure 8
Figure 9

Last but not least, all the schools are temporary closed and no face to face classes but online virtual classes (e-learning) due to MCO / CMCO. The mother is not affordable to buy a laptop for her daughter’s e-learning purpose. So, the mother contacted us and seek for assistance.
After seeking help from public, we managed to get a used laptop (Figure 8) and a brand new printer (Figure 9) for this mother and daughter.

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